Benefits Of Martial Arts

Martial arts include a large variety of disciplines, some which have originated thousands of years ago. They are of Asian descent and we tend to associate them with ancient oriental civilization. Martial arts are practiced nowadays throughout the whole world, but what benefits do they bring?

  • You learn how to defend yourself in the case of attack. You never think something like this could happen to you until it actually does, and in some cases, such skills can even help you save your life.
  • You will improve your cardiovascular health. When you don’t exercise at all, you experience unpleasant symptoms like shortness of breath, lack of energy and weakness.
  • Martial arts improve reflexes, balance, and coordination. These disciplines combine mental skills (focus, calm) with physical agility.
  • Your body will become more flexible. This applies to your joints, muscles, and ligaments and your posture will improve, too.
  • Martial arts improve life quality. You will learn how to handle your emotions, how to stay focused and you will notice other advantages as well, such as better memory, enhanced self-confidence, and self-esteem, better dealing with negative feelings like fear and aggressiveness, toning your muscles, preventing obesity, increasing agility and energy levels.
  • Your body will function better. Lungs become more efficient and improve their capacity, blood vessels are enlarged, your blood will contain more red blood cells and hemoglobin, your heart becomes stronger, more oxygen is supplied to your body cells, insomnia, and sleep disorders are prevented and waste elimination becomes more efficient.
  • Martial arts can be practiced by any category of people, regardless of the age and of the fitness level. Men, women, children, and seniors can practice martial arts and you can always find a martial art discipline suitable for your abilities.
  • You learn how to deal with hits, may they be physical or psychological. This is very important for children nowadays, which tend to be overprotected by their parents and who are never dealing with failure.
  • You learn how to breathe correctly. This ability is necessary for many other physical crafts and occupations (singing, acting, public speaking etc.).
  • You become part of a community which encourages healthy practices. This will lead to a superior lifestyle and will increase your life span.

Martial arts are a complete discipline, encompassing both body and mind, and which changes significantly the lives of those who practice it.