Advantages To Weight Training

Weight training is not intended for bodybuilders only, as many of us tend to think. You don’t have to be an experienced athlete to perform strength workouts and they won’t cause you to bulk up either. Weight training has more benefits than just toning your muscles.

Weight training uses the force of gravity (in the form of various weights), to oppose to the force generated by your muscles. Such sports are weight lifting, bodybuilding, discus throw, javelin throw and weight training can also be useful for football, basketball, wrestling and hockey players. But let’s see exactly what the advantages of such training are.

  1. It will cause more fat loss than aerobic exercises. If your aim is to lose weight, add weight training to your workout routine.
  2. It increases bone density. People who engage in weight training at least three times a week will be less likely to suffer from osteoporosis.
  3. It will improve athletic performance. If you practice other sports, such as rugby or hockey, including weight training to your exercising routine will surely improve your performance. You will enjoy increased stamina and find it easier to do your regular everyday activities, too.
  4. It will visibly improve your appearance. Having a sculpted, toned body will also raise your self-esteem.
  5. It fights stress and depression. Just like any type of physical activity, weight training will cause your brain to release endorphins, the substances which make you feel happy.
  6. It will eliminate insomnia and increase your appetite.
  7. It improves your posture and you will also enjoy better mobility and balance. This will be very useful at an older age when you will be fitter and less likely to suffer from falling injuries.
  8. It prevents disorders like diabetes, arthritis, obesity, heart diseases etc. Other health benefits are increasing the insulin sensitivity, decreasing visceral fat, increasing the HDL cholesterol, decreasing triglycerides, and reducing blood pressure.
  9. It improves your metabolism. When your muscles are toned and in shape, your metabolism is enhanced and you burn calories more easily, making it possible to lose weight faster.

It is never too late to begin weight training. Even seniors can start this kind of training, on condition that they ask for the physician’s advice first. It is recommended to ask for the advice of professionals when performing weight training, for safety issues and for maximum results.