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Very often, when people decide it’s time to make some lifestyle changes and start living in a healthier way, their focus is will be very narrow. For instance, they may decide to take up jogging, but neglect to think about their diet, or else make an effort to avoid eating too many saturated fats, whilst failing to do any more exercise.

Whilst, obviously, every little helps, the key to making lasting improvements to your health is to recognize that everything you do has a role to play in your well being, from your work routine to your sleeping patterns. Don’t let this intimidate you, though. Taking a holistic approach to your health and fitness, rather than making things harder to keep on top of, will actually make things far easier, as the benefits of the changes you make in one area of your life will feed into and positively influence the others.

For instance, though it might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about ways to get in shape, ensuring you are getting the correct amount of sleep can be one the easiest ways of setting yourself up to live a healthier life. For one thing, being well rested will help you feel energized and refreshed, increasing your chances of hitting your exercise targets.

Secondly, getting a sufficient amount of shut eye can reduce the likelihood that you’ll overeat. Our feelings of hunger and fullness are dictated to us by a pair of hormones, ghrelin, and leptin. These work in tandem to determine our appetite. However, sleep deprivation can knock things out of sync by driving down levels of leptin (which makes us feel satisfied) and raising our production of ghrelin (which makes us feel hunger). Indeed, studies have shown that people who get at least 9 hours of sleep are about 30% less likely to become obese.

Inadequate amounts of sleep can also increase the chances of us getting diseases such as diabetes and mental disorders such as depression. Helpfully, one of the best ways to ensure you are able to get a full night’s worth of restful sleep is to do more exercise during the day. Not only will this help to tire you out, it can relieve some of the tensions that may be responsible for keeping you up. As stated before, this can help create a beneficial loop, as, having got a good night’s sleep, you’re more likely to be able to perform a good session of your chosen form of work out the next day.

So, as you can see something as simple as getting enough sleep can help you in the two key areas that will stop you becoming overweight and risking the health risks that come with that; consuming fewer calories and burning more of them.

Exercise, much like sleep, has also been known to improve our mental as well as our physical state, increasing our self-esteem and giving us increased confidence when it comes to taking on other challenges. Unfortunately, many people find there are barriers holding them back from getting the exercise they need.

One such barrier is tiredness. The irony is that part of the reason people feel lethargic is precisely because they are not getting enough exercise in the first place. If you are able to make the effort to perform some sort of moderately strenuous activity you will actually find your self-feeling more energized.

Feeling awake and energized also has an impact on your diet because the more tired you feel, the less likely you are to make a meal from scratch which is often a far healthier way of eating. Regimes such as those touted by Dave Ruel can be a helpful way of maintaining a balanced diet.

One genuine barrier you will have to find a way to overcome is that of constraints on your time, but, as with anything with life, you’ll be able to find ways of making the time if you really see health as a priority and, in reality, there are really very few things wish can legitimately take precedence.

So as you can now see, finding a balance in your life for the important things such as sleep, exercise, and healthy eating is a vital thing for you to aim for. Balance is something that comes over time and can be worked on so don’t give up if you fail at first – keep plugging away.